Thursday, January 30th
Science Fair Parent Letter Signed and Returned to Mr. Iwu

Science Fair Project Packet

Friday, January 31st and Monday, February 3rd
Over the next two days in class you will be given time to start working on your science fair project. The first thing you need to do is choose a topic and let Mr. Iwu know so she can approve it in class. Once you have your topic then you can start working in class. Even if you have not started your project at home, you can start making headlines to organize your board. All of the words below (in capital letters) are headings you will need for your science fair board. When you type your headings they should be in at least 72 pt. font. You can also start to type out your introduction, problem, hypothesis, procedure, materials list, and title. Your paragraphs should be in at least a 36 pt. font.

INTRODUCTION- A little bit about yourself and the project.

PROBLEM- Why did you choose your project? What is interesting to you about your project?

HYPOTHESIS- What do you think is going to happen in your project? (Remember: Your hypothesis is your BEST guess... It does NOT have to be correct.)

MATERIALS- List of things that you are going to need for your project.

PROCEDURES- Step-by-step directions about how to complete your project. (Remember: This should be a numbered list telling someone exactly how to replicate your project if they wanted to do the exact same thing as you.)

TITLE- Give your project a title that is interesting.

PHOTOGRAPHS- You will need to take pictures during your project or draw the pictures to be included on your board. You must include pictures.

DATA- Table, chart, and/or graph

RESULTS- What happened in your project? Write this in a paragraph.

CONCLUSION- Did you learn anything from your project? Was your hypothesis correct? Would you do anything different next time?

BIBLIOGRAPHY- Where did you get your information?

Science Fair Websites-

It's science fair time! Try these sites for science fair project ideas: Remember, your topic must be a TESTABLE question, meaning it can be measured and not just observed. Also, be sure that you will be able to conduct the experiment and get all necessary supplies!

Great Ideas Here-
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Energy Quest- All things Energy!
Recycling Science Fair Projects
Green Science Fair Projects - Creative Ideas For Environmentally Oriented Projects
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Still need ideas??? Here are just a few more websites that you may access to help you choose a topic for the science fair.

PBS Kids Science Fair
Science Buddies
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Discover Education Science Fair
Kid's Science
Exploring Minds Project Ideas
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Science Fair 2013 Pictures
Visit the link to see some pictures from the 2013 Science Fair! -->
Science Fair 2013

Science Fair Display Board
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