Writing: Video Journal Prompt

Week 1




I'm the Best!!

How do you feel about Richard Sherman post game interview?
What is your definition of a thug?
Do you think he is a Thug?

6-8 Sentences


Dinosaurs Among Us

Imagine a society in which dinosaurs walked among us. They can talk and think and live safely among people. In the video, the dinosaur loves to race.
What other things from our society would dinosaurs enjoy?
Where would they want to live?
What kind of jobs would they do?

8-10 sentences


Momma!!….My Head Hurt!!

What are some effect of brain Damage?
Have you ever seen a brutal attack? What Happen?
What are some long terms effects of being hit in the head?

6-8 Sentences


Real Life Iron Man Suit

How do you feel about technology and the future?
How will this change fighting in Wars?
What technological ideas do you have that would like to see come true (Think about movies or videos games for ideas)?

6-8 Sentences
Week 2




Inventions Based on Animal's Abilities

Many man-made inventions are a result of people studying how different animals live. For instance, scientists study birds when designing airplanes. Sonar technology mimics how bats use sound waves to navigate instead of sight.Imagine that you are one of the scientists.

You’ve been asked to invent something useful for humans based on the abilities, instincts or behavior of an animal. To start, choose an animal to study.Then, brainstorm the different traits and abilities associated with this animal.Finally, describe at least one possible invention/man-made creation that could be made based on one of those animal’s abilities.

8-10 Sentences